Angels for Higher was set in motion on one of the happiest, saddest, and ultimately greatest days of Robert's life...

When Robert saw his first child being born and the doctor said, "He's a boy!" that was one of the happiest moments of his life. But when that same doctor, five minutes later, asked Robert, "Do you know what Down syndrome is?" that was by far one of the saddest moments of his life. He was so disappointed and even angry at God, "You knew I'd have enough trouble being the father of a 'regular' child, let alone one with special needs! I do not deserve a son like this!" Well, the last twenty-seven years of trials and triumphs they've experienced in their lives together have proved to Robert that he was right all along, and he stands by his original statement--he really did not deserve a son like Trevor, albeit for the completely opposite reason...

                 Trevor at four years of age.

                 Trevor at four years of age.

Trevor overcomes the early challenges in his life...

During Trevor's early school years he was bullied, told he was worthless, and that the best job he could ever hope for would be folding towels in the basement of a hotel laundromat. Nevertheless, as a senior at Northwood High School in Irvine, California, the faculty drafted him onto the homecoming court, and then his classmates elected him Homecoming King in the greatest landslide in school history--he received more votes than the other four candidates combined!

         2009 Homecoming King and Queen, Northwood High School

         2009 Homecoming King and Queen, Northwood High School

Trevor becomes Southern California celebrity while working as Team Store Greeter for Major League Baseball's L.A. Angels and the National Hockey League's Anaheim Ducks

In 2012, after graduating from his junior college job training program, Trevor was first hired by MLB's L.A. Angels, and then by the NHL's Anaheim Ducks to be the Greeter in their respective Team Stores. Today he's known, admired, and often loved by hundreds of thousands of sports fans, fellow employees and professional athletes.

In 2014, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig signed a proposal to "Trevorize" every baseball stadium in the country, i.e., to have every MLB team hire individuals with Down syndrome to work as Greeters in their Team Stores. Unfortunately, Mr. Selig retired after twenty-two seasons, and the proposal is now languishing on the back burner of the current MLB Commissioner's office. Our 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, Angels for Higher, has been formed to reinvigorate the "Trevorizing" of sports stadiums and arenas across the USA, North America and ultimately around the world. 

                             Trevor working at the Los Angeles Angels Team Store

                             Trevor working at the Los Angeles Angels Team Store

Learn More About Our Mission in Angel for Higher!

There are many more stories woven throughout our book, Angel for Higher, that have elicited happy tears, helpless laughter or a combination of both thereof from our readers. A fairly typical response would be something like, "I laughed until I cried, and I cried until I laughed! I couldn't put it down!" Angel for Higher has impacted sports fans, special needs families, people in recovery and anyone who enjoys an emotionally inspirational story!

Our greatest prayer is that every reader of Angel for Higher will come to the inescapable conclusion that God has created each and every human being to be incredibly precious, infinitely valuable, and eternally significant in His sight.

“I laughed until I cried and cried until I laughed. I couldn’t stop reading ‘Angel for Higher’!”
— Pete McKenzie, Western Director, Influencers' Men's Ministry

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